Everything seems impossible, until it’s done.


Project List

Blurry Puzzle

Pictures are being pixelated, they slowly get more clear and you can guess them.

Buffering Symbol

A custom buffering animation I made.

Circle Packing

Draw on the canvas and let your painting become alive with circles filling the drawn spaces.

Clock Design Idea

A different way to display time with this circle clock.

Collatz Tree

A tree that is generated using the Collatz Conjecture. (with colors and curves)

Color Well

Colorfull shapes falling to the floor.

Code Converter

Use this to convert some of the most common digital codes.


Virtual world with creatures who fight for their lives and try to survive eating the available plants.


no description yet


no description yet


Blobs try to reach a target.


Just a simple version of the old board game.

Fractal Sticky Pixel

This fractal is generated by randomly moving red pixels. Once they get stuck on a green pixel they turn green.

Fractal Tree

no description yet

Frequency analyzer

This listens to your microphone and displays a frequency analysis.

Fruit Wars

no description yet

Gallery of PicEvo art

Displays some of the best images created by the PicEvo algorithm.


Displays any graph you like, stupid syntax tho.

Hexagonal Minesweeper

Everyone's favorite minigame on a hexagonal grid. Walk over the field without stepping on a mine.

Live Video Stream to ASCII Art

no description yet

Interactive Genetic Algorithm

no description yet

Langton's Ant

An algorithm that runs a virtual ant across the canvas which paints the pixel it lands on and moves according to the color of the previous pixel. A great example on how a simple ruleset can generate a complex piece of art.


no description yet


no description yet

Mandelbrot Set

no description yet


Solve the maze and watch as this generator creates a bigger one immediatly.

Number Spiral

no description yet


Generates the Pascal triangle and highlights numbers with the given divisors so that the Sierpinski triangle appears.


no description yet

Picture Evolution

An evolutionary algorithm which attempts to recreate an image using a given number of polygons.


This is quite self explanatory.




Draw a racetrack and let the genetic algorithm learn the course or just try to beat it yourself.


A different approach to Agar.io



Sentence - Typing Monkeys

Rewriting a given sentence using a genetic algorithm. Purely aestethic.


Snake the game. Plain and simple.

Snake V2

The popular snake game remastered.

Stars Screensaver

A simple implementation of the famous screensaver




A Sudoku Solver which tries to solve using a genetic algorithm. Doesn't really work

Traveling Salesman Problem

A classic, trying to solve it with a Genetic Algorithm was not the greatest idea. It provides some funny visuals though.


no description yet

Times Table

Cirlce of numbers which are each connected to a multiple of themselves


Two player game inpired by the movie, in simple 2D action. Similar to curve fever.

WebGL Cube

My try to use WebGL, might make more in the future.

XMas Snow Animation

Small Christmas display. The main task was making the snow convincing.